Jim Lorimer

Director of The Drivers Club


Jim has been involved with The Drivers Club since its inception, and has worked hard to design a program that will be rewarding to those who join. He will continue to work hard to make sure that the club accomplishes its mission, and that the members’ experiences with the club are everything they envisioned they would be.

Jim was raised in Virginia, graduated from Virginia Tech, and has had a passion for things that go fast for a very long time. He has experience racing cars, shifter karts, motorcycles, jet skis, and even sailboats. He has driven on tracks all over the U.S., to include Road Atlanta, Mid-Ohio, VIR, Indianapolis Raceway Park, Las Vegas Motor Speedway,
Putnam Park, Michigan International Speedway, and the Long Beach Grand Prix street course.

He also has been on some international tracks; to include many track days & time-trial days on the GP track in Brno, Czech Republic, and even a lap of the Grand Prix of Monaco track in Monte Carlo!

Jim has even raced on some indoor race “tracks”, to include a kart race on a concrete oval coated with Pepsi, and a jet ski race in a hockey rink filled with water! And Jim also tried his hand at Supermoto racing, on the Red Bull Super-Moto-A-Go-Go street course in downtown Reno, NV.

To add to his motorsports resume, Jim has 5 years of experience as a corner worker, mostly at Mid-Ohio Race Course, but also at the IMSA street race in Columbus, OH, and at Nelson Ledges Road Course in Northeastern Ohio.

Jim received his SCCA license while racing Spec Racers, however it expired while he was off racing jet skis professionally. With the opening of the Dominion Raceway Road Course, Jim anticipates attaining a new competition license, and also attaining an appropriate track day car to spend some time out on the track with the members.

Please call Jim if you have any questions about The Drivers Club at Dominion Raceway. He will be happy to help you any way he can.