The Master Membership is available to those who are age 65 or older. Master members get all of the same benefits, privileges, and amenities that a Raceway member gets, but at reduced rates.

  • Initiation fee: $4,500
  • Membership requirements: Must be age 65 or older
  • Membership term: 10 years
  • Initial initiation fee can be applied towards up-grading of membership level
  • Membership Dues: $130 per month (or pre-pay $1200 annually, which equates to only $100 per month!)
  • Club driving days per year: 40
  • Approximately half the driving days will be on weekends.
  • Driving day fee: $100 per day ($1000 for an unlimited number of days, if pre-paid annually)
  • Qualified driver guests per year: 10 ($200 guest fee; same guest limited to twice per year)
  • Low-speed lapping for guests (when available)
  • Discount on one driving instruction session
  • Access to the member lounge (includes up to 4 guests)
  • Polo shirt, and hat membership gifts
  • Professional corner workers and course marshal
  • In-house towing and/or flat-bed service
  • On-site fuel depot
  • Complimentary electric in the paddock area (shared availability)