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Dominion Raceway Track for the Drivers Club

The Track

Dominion Raceway’s Road Course is 2 miles in length, 36’ wide, and has about 70’ of elevation change.  There are 12 turns, including two 180-degree “carousel” type turns, a small set of esses, a large set of esses, and a couple of tight turns that require good braking-point and driving-line management.  The remaining turns are more flowing and thus allow a higher pace to be carried.  These include the increasing-radius Turn 1 at the end of the front straight, and the blind, uphill left-hander at the end of the back straight.

Speaking of “straights”, the front straight is a full ½-mile long, which provides a good opportunity to really get on the gas; AND if you choose to stay on the gas, hit some pretty high top-speeds!  The back straight is not as long as the front straight, however it is right after the fairly high-speed uphill “Big Esses”, which means that some pretty decent top-speeds are being reached by the end of the back straight also.

The majority of the track provides great visibility, and there are numerous passing opportunities for advanced drivers, and 3 to 4 designated passing zones for the lesser experienced drivers.

The paddock area is fully-paved, has self-service fuel pumps with race gas, and there are electric hook-ups available. 

And a club would not be complete without a Member Clubhouse, and that is located between the paddock area and the race track, right next to the end of the pit lanes.  It is air-conditioned and heated, which makes it a great place to go in cold, hot, and/or wet weather.  It includes a 40-seat classroom, 2 restrooms, a kitchenette area, AND a large viewing deck on the back of the building that provides a great view of some of the best sections of the track!

The Track at Dominion Raceway
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